JSC English Suggestion 2019 | prefix and suffix

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hello learner, Welcome to our new video. Today we will talk to about prefix and suffix. Today we solve Dinajpur Board & Syhlet board 2016. JSC English Suggestion 2019

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JSC English suggestion 2019

Dinajpur Board 2016

Our education remains (Complete) if we do not learn good manners. In our behaviour we must be (respect) with other. We should never (behave) with anybody because our (conduct) may hurt other. We should not create any (necessary) quarrel with other. The (important) of good manner is (measurable)  . (Real) a man of good manners is a gentlemen. 

Syhlet Board 2016

Our (Nation) memorial (symbol) the nation’s respect for the (liberate) war . It is an (achieve) which is (measurable). Our freedom (fight) showed their unique (hero) in the war against the well-armed solders of Pakistan. The Pakistani solders killed our people (merciless). They continued atrocities in (associate) with the local (collaborate). However they were defeated in the end.

Answer sheet of prefix and suffix:

If you want this answer sheet of this those Board question, You can follow our video. In this video we solve this board question.

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