Multiple Paragraph Writing|Easy to pass English

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Hello learner how are you? Hope you are very well. Today I will discuss about Multiple paragraph. If you read a paragraph, you will answer once more paragraph. Now we check this paragraph which you answer by reading a paragraph . Lets see list of this paragraph.

Paragraph List

  1. Acid throwing.                             
  2. Crime in cities                     
  3. Child Labor
  4. Traffic Jam                                      
  5. Terrorism                              
  6. Environment pollution   
  7. Poverty alleviation                  
  8. Load shedding                     
  9. Violence
  10. Flood problem                             
  11. Copying in the examination
  12. Gender Discrimination          
  13. Corruption
  14. The curse of dowry                   
  15. price Hike
  16. Hijacking                                         
  17. Food crisis
  18. Water pollution                          
  19. Air pollution
  20. Population problem                                
  21. Unemployment Problem
  22. The life of tokays                       
  23.  Arsenic problem

How to write this paragraph :

Watch this video. I think you will understand to write this paragraph

There are many problems like political, social, economic etc. in our country. _____Is a major problem like those.  ______ has critical effects in our daily life. No doubt. It is a course i9n our life. The unconsciousness of the mass people and lack of moral lesson among them are mainly responsibly for this problems. _______suffer people in many ways. Day by day this problem in increasing rapidly. But this not out of solution. Along the Government is not able  to solve it fully. Everybody of us should come forward to solve this problem with the government. If we cannot solve this problem, it will hinder our nation development. It will paralyse our national life.  If we want to build up a development country, the people of all walks of life should come forward to solve this problem. Otherwise, We will fall backward as a nation. So all concerned must join their hands to liberate the people from the curse of ________ .

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