JSC English question 2018 comilla board

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Dear students now we discuss about JSC English question 2018. If you want JSC English question 2018 for comilla board Check blew. Here are given Grammer part . If you want the answer sheet of this question click here for grammar part.

If you want English question of Dhaka Board 2018 Click Here

JSC English question 2018 comilla board

Part -A

Check the image of this board question that is given blew

JSC English question 2018 comilla board
JSC English question 2018 comilla board

9. Read the text blew and fill in the gaps with the root words in the brackets adding suitable suffix, prefix or both:-

Humayun Ahmed was a (a) ________(fame) novelist of our country. His novel gained a huge (b) ________ (popular). The main (c) _______ (attract) of his novels was the treatment of (d) _______ (psycho) and sense of humour. (e) ________(special) his Himu and Misir Ali are two (f) _______ (ordinary) characters in bangla literature.  Besides a novelist, Humayun Ahmed was also a (g) _______(drama) and a film (h)________ (direct). Thus Humayun Ahmed has achieved an (i) _______(parallel) position in our (j)_______(culture) world.

10. Fill in the gaps in the following text with appropriate articles (a, an or the). Put a cross where no article is used.  

James Norman Hall was (a)_____ American writer. He wrote (b)-_______ story about (c) _________Wonderful place of business that took place between him and a farmer. While living in (d) _____Tahiti, he was short of (e) _____money and rented (f) ______ one room house of about 22 kilometers from (g) _____town. He was doing (h) interesting writing there. To save money, he wanted to make (i) _______vegetable garden in front of his house. But (j) _______ land was full of ants and land-crabs. They foiled all his attempts.

11. Change the following sentence as directed in the brackets:-

Rupal lived a small village (a) he lived with his family (Make it an interrogative sentence) (b) Rupal wanted to peaceful life (Make it passive sentence) (c) The village people were very quarrelsome. (Make it an exclamatory Sentence) (d) Ropal’s life was not peaceful in the jangle (Make it an interrogative Sentence) (e) Rupal took only a bag with him (Make it negative Sentence)

12. Rewrite the following passage changing the from speech.

My friend said to me, “ Why are you reading this hour? It is time for prayer. Let us go out for a walk after saying prayer.” “Yes, I am agree with you,” I said.

13. Use capital letters and punctuation mark as needed in the following passage.

returning home robin’s father said to him your progress is now very slow are always seen with a group of friends

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