JSC English question 2018 (Dhaka Board)

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Dear friends now we discuss about JSC English question 2018. If you want JSC English question 2018 Check blew. Here are given Grammer part & Writing part. If you want the answer sheet of this question click here for grammar part

09. Read the text blew and fill in the gaps with the root words in the brackets adding suitable suffix, prefix or both:-

Kazi Nazurul Islam is very (a)______(know) to us. He is a great writer, Beside a (b) _____(Write), he is also a (c) _____(sing) and dramatist. We got (d) _____ (inspire) during our liberation war from his writings. His (e)________(Contribute) to Bengali literature has made him (f) _____mortal. He started his early age with great (g) _______ (hard). Once he had to work in a bread (h) ______(make) shop for his (i)______(live) Now, he is our (j) _____(nation) poet. He breathed his last in 1976.  

10.  Fill in the gaps in the following text with appropriate articles (a, an or the). Put a cross where no article is used.   

 (a)______aim of every student is to do better in (b)______examination. But it is not (c)_____easy task. Regular study is (d)____must. It is (e)______ unique quality of a good student.  He should not cram (f)_____answers without knowing the meaning. He should have a good commend over (g) ______English too. Besides, a student should from the habit of speaking (h)_____truth. He should make (i) _______best use of time. But the student who are (j)_______idle will suffer in the long run.

11. Change the following sentence as directed in the brackets:-

  • (a) Acid  throwing is very heinous act. ( Exclamatory)
  • (b) Everyone hates it.(Interrogative)
  • (c) It is not a human act. (Affirmative)
  • (d) The acid throwers should be punished. (Active)
  • (e) We must become aware of it. (Negative)

12. Rewrite the following passage changing the from speech.

Ratul said to me, “Where are you going now”  “I am going to stadium to watch a cricket match. Do you want to go with me ?” said I, “ Let`s go together”.

13. Use capital letters and punctuation mark as needed in the following passage.

the teacher said dear students you should follow my advice why should we not follow your sir said the students.

Get answer sheet of JSC Exam question 2018 (Dhaka board)

Part D – Writing Part

Suppose, you are Safwan/ Mariya. You have been ill for the last few days. So you need to meet  a doctor. Now, make a dialogue between you and the doctor about your illness.

15. Write an e-mail to your friend congratulating him/her on his/her brilliant success.

16. Write a paragraph of 150 words on “Traffic Jam”  

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